Organize yourself a World Cup 2014 football tipping game among your colleagues, friends, members or customers!
On the Internet or on the intranet of your company!
During the World Cup you are in the front seat. Having a world cup pool on PC and mobile, customized to your wishes.

WorldPool2014 is the World Cup tipping software for betting in a community. It generates a full website with entry forms, rankings and statistics by one button click. A desktop site as well as a mobile site. In any language you wish.

Participants can join the event by completing an entry form with their predictions of match results and cause of the tournament. This form is automatically processed by the program. During the tournament, the organizer only needs to enter the match results; poule-rankings and qualifications are automatically calculated. Additionally, the pool manager may create sub-competitions or teams of participants playing againts each other (e.g. men versus women).

If you do not have web space, it is very easy to host the pool website at addWebContent under <yourname>.worldpool2014.net! The website can be published in any language. English, German, Spanish, Portugese and Dutch are already in the package.
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